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Edge Pulling Series by United Truck and Tractor Pullers

We would like to thank Edge Products for being our title sponsor for the 2019 Edge Pulling Series.

All gas and diesel pickups welcome.

2018 Points

Stock Gas
David Hales
Junkyard Dawg 442 pts.

Work Stock Diesel
Cliff Towne
Smoke & Mirrors 422 pts.

2.5 Diesel
Colby Swanson
Wild Anytime 450 pts.

Limited Pro Diesel
Kortney Nieffenegger
Total Chaos 340 pts.

Pro Stock Diesel
Kaleab Hales
Gone Broke 430 pts.

Super Stock 4X4
Mike/Jared Harding
Vindictive 418.5 pts.

Modified 2WD

Pro Stock 4X4
Mark Conner
Anxiety Attack 440 pts.

Modified 4X4
Mike VanAlfen
Intrepid 436 pts.

Pro Mod Diesel
Ryan Thain
Moonlight Madness 154 pts.

Super Modified 2WD
Cory Burtchett
Too Wicked 422 pts.

Super Mod 4x4
Chris Burtchett
Sudden Impact 436 pts.

Chris Taber
Raging Bull 348 pts.

Updated as of 10-04-2018

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