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UTTPI Classes:
Refer to Rule Book for complete rules.

Stock Gas

Street legal, 7,000 lbs maximum weight. Naturally aspirated gasoline or propane powered trucks 496 ci maximum engine displacement.

Open Street
Street legal, 10,000 lbs maximum with driver. 3.2 in maximum turbo bore. Follow WSD safety rules. Class does not accrue points.

Work Stock Diesel
Truck must have valid state registration, 8,500 lbs maximum weight. DOT tires only. Aftermarket turbo with maximum 2.4 in maximum bore allowed. Factory turbo must retain stock inducer bore diameter.

2.5 Diesel
NSPA rules apply. 8,000 lbs maximum with driver. Compound turbos allowed, only one atmosphere turbo with 2.5 in bore.

Limited Pro Diesel (3.0 Diesel)
PPL Rules apply. 8,000 lbs. maximum with driver. Maximum 3.0 in inducer bore.

Pro Stock Diesel (3.6 Diesel)
PPL rules apply. 7,800 lbs. maximum with driver. 460 ci maximum engine displacement with 3.6 in inducer bore turbo.

Super Stock 4 Wheel Drive
6,200 lbs maximum weight with driver. 500 ci maximum engine displacement. Cast iron block with 2 valves per cylinder. Gasoline only.

Pro Stock 4X4
6,200 lbs maximum weight with driver. 565 ci maximum engine displacement, 2 vales per cylinder. Gasoline or alchohol allowed. 31 in pulling or 36 in DOT tires. 133 in maximum wheelbase.

Pro Mod and Super Mod 4X4
6,200 lbs maximum weight with driver. 650 ci natural aspirated gasoline or alchohol engines. 133 in maximum wheelbase. 34 in pulling tires only.

Modified and Super Mod 2WD
6,200 lbs. maximum weight with driver. Super Mod 2WD limited to 575 ci engine displacment.

Modified and Super Mod Mini Rods
2,000 lbs. maximum weight and 650 ci maximum enginer displacment for Mod Mini. 2,050 lbs. maximum weight and 575 ci maximum enginer displacement for Super Mod.

Super Stock Diesel (Pro Mod)
PPL rules apply. 7,500 lbs. maximum weight with driver. Any diesel engine is allowed, #2 diesel only. 35 in cut pulling tires required, no duals.

Unlimited Modified Tractor
Maximum of 2 naturally aspirated or supercharged engines allowed.

Pro Farm Tractor
6,000-7,500 lbs. maximum weight with driver. 300 series engine up to 399 ci. Single turbo up to S400 box charger. Super Farm Tractor rules apply.

Super Farm Tractor
8,000-10,500 maximum weight with driver. 400 series engine up to 640 ci. Single turbo up to 3 in box charger.